How to stop tooth sensitivity quickly
How to stop tooth sensitivity quickly?

The main minerals of tooth enamel are Hydroxyapatite and Fluoroapatite, a crystalline phosphate form. The minerals in the yeast composition, including calcium not only increase its hardness but also its brittleness. Enamel is ranked 5th on the Mohs hardness scale and has a Young elasticity of 83 GPa.

Fluo found to be absorbed into the protective tooth enamel is considered a tenth of the achievements of public health in the 20th century - Fluo is best known in toothpaste.

When tooth sensitivity shows chewing and traumatic bite joints have worn due to accumulation of chewing or acid erosion. At that time, dentists often recommend fluoride toothpaste, which will reduce the sensitivity for 10-15 days, then continue to maintain.

I was also sensitive and was advised by the same doctors, but due to slow performance, this time I did it differently, so it took only 30 minutes for the sensitivity.

Put in Fluo toothpaste equal to 2 times of normal brushing and chewing, this will make the worn tooth in contact with Fluo more directly under the pressure of chewing, rub so that the place will be filled in quickly, more effective. In 30 minutes, just do this 2-3 times to stop the cold.

Doctor Hoang Sam

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