A survey of heterosexual women in sexual behavior, with n = 7,353, aged 15-44 in the US between 2006-2010, shows that discord with the opposite sex is at least before this person. There used to be a female partner.

Discord also occurs when simultaneously having a monogamous relationship but previously had a male partner. By logistic regressions, 11.2% of those who saw sexual discord among heterosexual women used to have same-sex partners.

If a woman has had both male and female partners before, having sex with both partners at the same time is 5.5 times; and 2.4 times more likely to engage in unilateral sexual relations with male partners.

Women who have sex with women and men at the same time are the cause of sexually transmitted diseases, especially sex Female - Female.

Sexual dissonance on the part of women

The dissonance also comes from psychological and physical causes:

  1. Vaginal dilatation due to causes;
  2. Vagina too narrow, malformed;
  3. Vaginal septum;
  4. Sexual satisfaction only when imagining others;
  5. Rectal leakage - vaginal;
  6. The outside is narrow and the inside is wide and deep;
  7. The outside is wide, the inside is narrow;
  8. Labia majora and labia minoa are not soft;
  9. Vaginal cold, not warm ;
  10. Sexual hair grows too close to the labia majora;
  11. Vaginal dryness or roughness;
  12. Vaginal strong smell;
  13. Rough sex, wild sex;
  14. Sadism;
  15. Loss of desire due to causes;
  16. Lack of cooperation spirit;
  17. Passive, apathy, sexual indifference;
  18. Hate, hate the male partner;
  19. Jealous.

The above are some of the common causes of sexual discord between same-sex couples and complaints.

Doctor Hoang Sam

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