Mission of Vietnam Institute of Indigenous Medicine:

The mission of the Vietnam Institute of Indigenous Medicine is honoring, succeding and developing traditional medicine formed over 4,000 years of building and defending the country.

The value of the Vietnamese Institute of Indigenous Medicine

The naturalresources are finite, The Intitute of Indigenous Medicine of Vietnam exploits a rich, diverse and profound knowledge of national indentity from indigenous medicine, combined with the gray matter of the home.Science creates infinite value.

The scientific products of the Institute of Indigenous Medicine of Vietnam are the crystallized accumulation of 4,000 years of history of Vietnamese traditional indigenous medicine closely and delicately with a large amount of morden and reliable knowledge.

Vision for 15 years

Building, planning and continuing to train a large team of senior, enthusiastic and in-depth researchers in medicine and pharmacy science from indigenous medicine in Vietnam under the motto: History-refining-succession objective-scientific-mass-morden and developed.

Strategy of the indigenous medicine institute

Improving the quality of human health in the narrow field nobody/no one/few people study.


“Never write on a piece of paper that has lines on it”


President of the Founding Council of the Vietnam Institute of Indigenous Medicine
Doctor Hoang Sam